Advanced Technical Solutions

ATS® is a global leader in innovative HVAC Technology, AC System Design and Outdoor Cooling Systems. We are a German-based corporation, founded in 2007. We provide our customers with state-of-the-art technologies and methodologies to deliver HVAC products that surpass their expectations. At ATS® we always aim to be your preferred business partner.

Dunham Bush
dunham bush

In countries around the globe, we at Dunham-Bush are creating innovative cooling solutions appropriate to the individual requirements of commercial buildings, schools, hospitals, airports, factories and residences. No matter where we are, what we deliver is the same: customized, high performing, highly engineered cooling systems developed to take on the challenges of the 21st century world

Perma Pipe

Perma-Pipe Inc. is the largest manufacturer of pre-insulated piping systems for District Heating and Cooling in North America, and a Global Leader operating six (6) strategically placed manufacturing facilities worldwide.


DYNAIR® is a brand-division of Maico Italia S.p.A. and is a well-known brand name at global level in the industrial ventilation and plant engineering sector.

EGEMECH Is an Electromechanical Egyptian shareholding company and we are now the authorized distributors for DUNHAM BUSH, DYNAIR and ATS.

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